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Posted by: nikofire Jan 21 2012, 03:01 PM

Admins, please explain when you put things in the transfer market and when you follow their own rules.

1. Transfer market

With our experience and our overview of transfers it is clear which transfers do not comply with the “fair play” rules of 11x11. Of course, the competition for young talents is not part of this. This is particularly relevant for goalkeepers.

Example: Goalkeeper 33 years, level 8, skill 200, market value 750.000 is never sold for 1.500.000.

Starting today, only 3 transfers and 1 exchange are possible between two users within 30 days. This will now be handled by the system!

Illegal transfers will now be punished. This means: Players who are sold/traded at far over twice their market value! (twice the market value +30% is a guideline). Age and skill of players, as well as their skill distribution (skills in positions), will be considered.

The punishment will be:

Both users will receive a 10 day account ban
The bought player will be removed from the team of the buyer
The in-game sum of money of the transaction will be removed from the account of the seller

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Posted by: g3ck0 Jan 21 2012, 07:37 PM


I forwarded this thread to the responsible admin, but I told more than enough, to write such issues by ticket and not in the board.


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